Smoky Quartz Points
Smoky Quartz Points

Smoky Quartz Points

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Smoky quartz is a great crystal that can be used when you want/ need grounding. It is a beautiful smoky brown crystal. You will receive one smoky quartz point with your order measuring about 2-3 inches in height. They are polished and self standing 

Grounding when it comes  crystals it means

  • calm down 
  • bring back down to earth
  • help you feel not all over the place 
  • make you feel secure
  • help relieve stress as it calms down the stressful energy and brings you back into balance 

You can use the smoky quartz Crystal by holding it and rubbing it. This can help you feel more grounded and calm your energy. Your partner and/or children can also use it when they need to calm their energy by doing the same.

You can also place it in rooms where you want the energy to feel calmer and centered.

Because the smoky quartz is a grounding Crystal it is connected to the root chakra 

The root chakra is the energy center located at the base of the spine.

The root chakra

  • helps you feel more connected to the earth 
  • is the chakra of security and stability 
  • chakra of energy and vitality

So if you want to feel more connected and experience energy,and security and stability try working with a smoky quartz crystal. 


Smoky quartz is also a Crystal of protection. So if you want to protect your self from energy that doesn’t feel good, you can use a smoky quartz. It will help to clear the not so good feeling energy from the place where you put It. This allows for the room to be filled with protective energy and feel better.