Heart Chakra Bath Bomb

Heart Chakra Bath Bomb

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Wow thanks for coming and taking a look at my newest chakra bath bomb. These natural bath bombs are made for the heart chakra. This chakra bath bomb weighs 4 ounces and is made of all natural ingredients. These natural bath bomb are made of organic, non gmo ingredients and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. This heart chakra bath bomb is colored with rose clay for a pink loving feel and natural skin benefits. This natural bath bomb features a green aventurine right in the middle for more heart chakra activation. So you can even say this bath bomb is a crystal bath bomb

Heart Chakra Bath Bomb Ingredients in these natural bath bombs: baking soda, non gmo citric acid, rose kaolin clay, himalayan pink salt, therapeutic grade geranium essential oil, tumbled green aventurine

Please note the citric acid was processed in the same facility as wheat, shell fish, nuts, soy, and dairy.

You will receive one natural bath bomb or you can say crystal bath bomb for your heart chakra with your order.

More chakra bath bombs being formulated! More crystal bath bomb are coming soon Stay tuned.