Heart Centered Bath Tea

Heart Centered Bath Tea

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Sample size: Comes with 1 muslin tea bag, enough for one bath

Half Size : Comes with green aventurine, rose quartz, 3 muslin tea bags and mini salt scoop. Weighs 8 ounces

Full size Comes with green aventurine, rose quartz, 3 muslin tea bags and mini salt scoop. Weighs 1 lb

Ingredients: epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, dendritic salt, organic rose petals, lavender essential oil,coriander essential oil, geranium essential oil, rose absolute, reiki, crystals

A heart centered bath soak using crystals, essential oils, color therapy, sacred geometry and reiki to awaken the heart center.

The heart center is a center of spiritual consciousness. 

We can locate this center right at our breast bone. 

I used rose quartz and green aventurine essence for this to stimulate the heart and higher heart chakras

Rose Quartz  Works on all the Levels of the Heart and allows for Divine love to flow freely. Rose Quartz crystals  facilitate the warmth of the pink ray of the divine light spectrum. The healing that rose quartz offers are for matters particularly directed at the heart center .  Rose quartz is symbolic of the energy of love and compassion. Rose quartz has a different energy than clear quartz. It is more subtle, resonating a sense of spiritual devotion, caring for many.

Green aventurine is quartz that reflects a true pure green ray. It is one of the best stones to soothe a troubled heart, neutralize emotions and bring a sense of balance and well being to the physical body. Green aventurine can be used for mental, emotional, and/or physical well being.It’s green healing essence comforts any aspect of being. Green aventurine stones can be worn or carried during times of stress and/or turmoil to assist in keeping a person balanced and harmonized within.

When the heart centre has been fully opened, it becomes the channel for Universal Love; what the Buddhists call Mahakaruna or “the Great Compassion”, and esoteric Christians and Theosophists the “Christ Consciousness”. Once opened, the Higher Self or Immortal Divine Soul is able to work through this centre. This is probably why in so many cultures the heart is said to be the seat of the soul