Deluxe Crystals for Empaths Set

Deluxe Crystals for Empaths Set

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Crystals for empaths set is a great tool for anyone that is very sensitive to energy. This set has several stones for the empath/highly sensitive to get through life.

Contains the following crystals

Amethyst - Stone of spiritual protection, helps one follow their intuition, helps to calm and focus the overactive mind, protects one from negative energy. Can make one feel calm and protected by holding it

Carnelian - Stone of warmth and comfort . Helps one to stay grounded and in the present moment.

Rutilated Quartz - Helps to keep the empath/highly sensitive from feeling overwhelmed, protects and shields the aura, helps to keep the empath energized

Black Tourmaline - Pushes away negative energy/ vibes, helps the empath to remain grounded. Helps to shield the aura and protect one from the effects of EMF. Black tourmaline clears away emotional energy that may have been absorbed by the empath

Fluorite - Stablizes and protects the aura, helps to keep the mind and senses clear. Keeps the empath in balance and harmony. Clears energy blockages, and protects one from lower vibrations and energy attack

Kunzite - Stone of Protection and nurturing, helps to create an auric field that bounces off negative energy. It is a crystal that helps when one is feeling too sensitive to handle black tourmaline, but needs the protection

Yellow Calcite- Helps to boost the energy level at the solar plexus chakra level. The solar plexus is the chakra that most empaths/ highly sensitives feel the energy drain from Clears accumulated (stuck energy) from the solar plexus

Labradorite - Allows the empath to feel compassion and love but maintain energetic boundaries, and not take on the energy of others. Helps to keep the heart chakra yielded but protected. Helps to relieve feelings of anxiety

You will receive one deluxe crystals for empaths set with your order. You will receive the crystals in tumbled and raw form as pictured but your crystals will differ in color, and shape than one pictured. Comes with description and bag for carrying.