Crystals for Grief

Crystals for Grief

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Crystals for grief kit


-Desert Rose Selenite ( Desert Rose handy for its calming effects. It can help one to deal with grief and to let go of those things/emotions that have been keeping you from living your best life.)

-Lepidolite ( Lepidolite supports the heart chakra when one experiences stress, shock, and/ or emotional distress. Lepidolite helps you if you have been experiencing the stress of grief or loss, or other sorts of deep emotional suffering and anguish. Helps one to process grief in a holistic way)

-Rose Quartz ( Rose Quartz helps to heal a broken heart. Rose Quartz helps to relieve feelings of guilt and trauma. Rose Quartz is a stone of great calming , and lends support and reassurance during times of trauma, crisis, and emotional upheavel)

-Apache Tear ( Apache Tear helps one to remain grounded and centered while experiencing feelings of grief. Apache Tear helps one to mourn, release tears and any pent up grief. . Apache Tear is supportive and nurturing and helps to heal pain and grief at the deepest levels)

-Rhodochrosite ( Rhodochrosite is known as a healer of grief. Rhodochrosite is a stone of comfort, and soothes emotional stress. Rhodochrosite is an allie at any stage of the grieving process.)

-Blue Calcite (Blue Calcite helps to bring one in balance after experiencing emotional trauma. Blue Calcite soothes, calms and nurtures the mind. Blue Calcite helps one to be gentle with themselves through the grief process, and helps one to recuperate and recover.) 

Please allow for natural variations in stone shape, color and size. You will receive one set that includes all crystals mentioned