Amethyst Generator

Amethyst Generator

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Amethyst is a balancer of the aura. It raises the vibrational frequency from the physical to the spiritual and harmonizes the emotional, mental, spiritual and astral bodies. Amethyst promotes all healing . It is a crystal of spiritual cleansing and aides in spiritual and higher faculties development.

the amethyst is also known as the stone and symbol of transformation, removing the poisons of ignorance, transforming through the energy of the purple color, those quick, short waves quicken the pituitary and
the pineal, awakening the wisdom eye and removing the intoxication of sleep. The color purple is the color of the peacemaker and breaks adhesions of thought forms.

Tip on working with Amethyst: Use amethyst in tandem with rose quartz to soothe the mind and heart.
Using amethyst and rose quartz together in meditation assists in attuning oneself to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

You will receive the exact amethyst pictured. Measures 2 3/4 inch in height and weighs 3.5 ounces.