Amazonite Pendulums

Amazonite Pendulums

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Amazonite pendulums

Pendulums can be used to discover any areas of the home and /or workplace that are energetically imbalanced and needs to be cleansed energetically.

They can also be used to check the chakras for energy flow

Small exercise:

Pendulum Dowsing the Chakras

Hold the pendulum over each chakra and ask the pendulum to indicate if it is in balance, under-active or overactive. The pendulum will cycle in the appropriate direction. An indication of a balanced chakra is a back and forth motion; if under-active, the pendulum will cycle counter clockwise; and an overactive chakra will cycle in a clockwise direction. Once the pendulum has indicated the status of the chakra, if it is not balanced, ask that the imbalance be corrected. Your pendulum should cycle in the opposite direction of the imbalance until it swings back and forth to indicate that the chakra is now in balance. Go through each of the chakras, from the Root , Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. Once you have done all of the chakras, check again by asking if any of the chakras are out of balance.

Amazonite is a mineral which is soothing to the emotional body, soothing the nerves by eliminating aggravation and dispelling negative energies. It is soothing to all chakras, especially the heart and throat, and because of it’s blue-green color it is very helpful in communications of all kinds.
Because this stone is very balancing to the etheric, astral and physical bodies, it is a wonderful stone for healing, for balancing male and female energies, and as a preventive stone. Working with the blue green of this lovely stone will also facilitate communication through the powerful lens of the compassionate heart.