Calming Facial Serum

Calming Facial Serum

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Calming Facial Serum- New Curation

Formulated with organic lavender and calendula herbs right in the bottle.

Calendula is soothing, protective and moisturizing

Lavender is also moisturizing as well as balancing and restorative 

 The herbs are then topped off with a proprietary blend of skin calming oils of lavender, carrot seed and jojoba.

Also features real aquamarine and amethyst crystals in the bottle. 

Amethyst renews and calms the skin

Aquamarine soothes, supports, comforts and cools the skin

It’s crystals x botanicals for a high vibration luxury skin care experience. Comes in a green glass roll on bottle to protect the high quality ingredients. Green is also a rejuvenating and healing color, so your skin gets a color therapy treatment for added bonus.

Handcrafted in small batches by me (crystal reiki master / color therapist)

You will receive one 1/3 oz bottle of calming facial serum