Crystals for Dreams Kit

Crystals for Dreams Kit

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crystals for dreams kit





Rose Quartz

1. Amethyst also conducts a calming and peaceful energy to one who uses it. It also provides loving energy and energetic shield of protection, vibrates to the number 3

2. Howlite calms the overactive mind, eliminates stress, and calms energy in one’s environment. Vibrates to the number 2

3. Selenite soothes the mind, body and soul. Keeps one balanced, harmonized and protected. It is a source of healing white light. Vibrates to the number 8

4. Rose Quartz provides a calming, cooling, peaceful energy. It is a stone of gentleness and rejuvenation. Balances the energies and brings the chakras into harmony. Vibrates to the number 7.

Comes in a drawstring organza bag to place under your pillow when sleeping, or you can use stones individually as desired.

You will receive one kit with each order